Logo Design

Marco Vianei Espresso


Customer Espresso Botero Brief Do something different! Stylish yet minimal. Show me what you can do.! It's for Maro, Marco Vianei and it's the best coffee blend you'll ever have! Project Status Project Status Testimonial Description Danny Young from Espresso Botero, a truly amazing and progressive micro roasting coffee company based in [...]

Domeshells Technology


Customer Domeshells Technology PL Brief Open Brief. Design logo and brand to effectively promote Domeshells Technology Pty Ltd. Project Status Project Status Testimonial "I would have no hesitation to recommend Carl as a designer and website creator. I love the logo he produced and his efforts to shore up our marketing assets were excellent." [...]

Australian Social Policy Association


Customer Australian Social Policy Association (aspa) Brief Convert the out-dated html website into a mobile responsive contemporary design. Update brand to more closely reflect the organisations' progressive charter. Include sentiments such as; clean, simple, modern, professional, corporate into the new design. Perform all of these tasks without exceeding a given budget. Project Status Project Status [...]

jillys teas


Customer Jilly's Teas Brief Create a brand and product design while retaining original Jilly's Teas logo and fillagree graphic. The design must be vibrant, colourful, clean and not overstated. Because of the extensive range of teas available the package must combine a retro fitted tamper seal that also serves as an indicator of product type. [...]

Magnum 675 Brochure


Customer Living Water Flowforms Brief Open Brief: Create a strong identity for "Magnum" Ceramic Wine Fermentation innovation. Target wine makers internationally. Project Status Project Status Testimonial "Carl showed his clear understanding of my objectives and characterized my product with precision and style. The booklet he produced has been indispensable [...]

Marelex Electrical


Customer Marelex Elextrical Brief Brad gave me the very loose brief of: Clean, modern, high tech, striking, simple. Project Status Project Status Testimonial "Carl was a pleasure to work with. His professionalism and willingness to drive the progress while I was busy servicing my own customers was greatly appreciated. He produced excellent concepts which were [...]

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