Project Description


Australian Social Policy Association (aspa)


Convert the out-dated html website into a mobile responsive contemporary design. Update brand to more closely reflect the organisations’ progressive charter. Include sentiments such as; clean, simple, modern, professional, corporate into the new design. Perform all of these tasks without exceeding a given budget.

Project Status

Project Status 100%


Rachel Scollay, Contractor


The Australian Social Policy Association (aspa) is a non-profit organisation comprised of social policy researchers, educators, practitioners and policy-makers. The aim of aspa is to promote debate and improved understanding of social policy as well as to foster cooperation between interested parties in Australia and throughout the Asia-Pacific.

I was charged with the task of producing aspa’s new website and with providing technical support for aspa contractors in the production of their quarterly newsletter.

As a component of this project, I advocated for a re-work of their logo which was formerly just a purple oval containing the letters “aspa” in white. As the brief outlined terms such as; “clean, corporate, simple, vibrant, professional” and because of the nature of the organisation, I decided to change the colour from purple to a more uplifting “sky blue”.

I also recognised a opportunity to provide more interest in the logo by turning the oval into a stylized optical illusion.

In order for the project to fall within budget, I modified a proprietary theme for the WordPress website using free plugins and public domain images.