Project Description


Domeshells Technology PL


Open Brief. Design logo and brand to effectively promote Domeshells Technology Pty Ltd.

Project Status

Project Status 100%


“I would have no hesitation to recommend Carl as a designer and website creator. I love the logo he produced and his efforts to shore up our marketing assets were excellent.”
Chris Brown, Domeshells Technology Pty Ltd


This was a very enjoyable project in collaboration with Chris Brown from Domeshells Technology Pty Ltd. Chris gave me a lot of creative scope which I appreciated immensely. Once I’d gained an understanding of the products and services as well as the philosophy and style of Domeshells, I set about creating the logo which is a creative derivation of the Golden Ratio.

Domeshells are a remarkable product because they completely re-define architecture with a set of benefits that make conventional structures seem complex and clumsy. Domeshells elegantly combine incredible strength, durability and thermal dynamics with stunning aesthetics.

Therefore it was a “no brainer” that the logo should illustrate the domes in all their simplicity and since Chris himself was attracted to the aesthetics and possible ethereal function of the Golden Ration; I thought it an appropriate starting point.

Also, since the Domes are constructed from primarily earthen materials, I chose a deviated complementary pallet to reflect this with muted greens and vibrant oranges.