Project Description


Eleganza Vietato Espresso.


Create identity for new blend of premium coffee, Eleganza Vietato. Culturally embodies in visual of Flamenco Dancer. Keep it as simple as possible. Use high contrast and even colours. Limited texturing. Start with logo ’till approved, then apply to all assets including; signage, cafe umbrellas, coffee bags, take away coffee cups, stationary, website.

Project Status

Project Status 73%


“I was very happy with the initial concepts that Carl produced for the logo. They were clearly and professionally presented as options. I then asked Carl to put a bit more time into my chosen option which eventually became the final logo. We worked together to create the product packaging in a similar way. Great work all ’round”.
Joshua Hill, Eleganza Vietato


Josh approached me through referral to create a compelling and memorable identity for his product, a premium blend of roasted coffee bean that he’s named, “Eleganza Vietato”. The description on the final products, his coffee bags and take away cups says it all;

Joshua Hill is proud to offer this
bold, sassy blend of lovingly selected
and expertly roasted beans.

Eleganza Vietato encapsulates the
rich, vibrant and uninhibited cultures
of Indonesia, North Africa and South
America with all their colour, passion
and sensuality.

Properly ground and prepared, your palate
will be rewarded with the most inviting
aroma, a strikingly pure taste and a
delightful, tapered resonance.