Marco Vianei Espresso


Customer Espresso Botero Brief Do something different! Stylish yet minimal. Show me what you can do.! It's for Maro, Marco Vianei and it's the best coffee blend you'll ever have! Project Status Project Status Testimonial Description Danny Young from Espresso Botero, a truly amazing and progressive micro roasting coffee company based in [...]

jillys teas


Customer Jilly's Teas Brief Create a brand and product design while retaining original Jilly's Teas logo and fillagree graphic. The design must be vibrant, colourful, clean and not overstated. Because of the extensive range of teas available the package must combine a retro fitted tamper seal that also serves as an indicator of product type. [...]

Active Jellybush Honey


Customer Tyagarah Apiaries Brief Create a logo and brand to represent Tyagarah Apiaries PL and their range of medical honey. Specific focus on the Jellybush or Leptospermum flower, leaf and seed pod. Allow clear distinction of varied strength grading of honey. Targeting domestic, alternative healthcare and mainstream medical sectors world wide. Continuously under development Project [...]

Universal Placebo


Customer Universal Placebos Brief Assist with print production and small product development based on existing brand. Provide compelling and descriptive photography of completed products. Project Status Project Status Testimonial "Carl was very helpful when it came to making our product a reality. We had already decided on the design we wanted but didn’t have the [...]

Tyagarah Apiaries Culinary Honey Range


Customer Tyagarah Apiaries Brief Create packaging and brand recognition solution for a range of culinary honeys. Retain "local" produce feel while presenting the products with cohesion. Facilitate different product sizes with a view to presenting all products in a single package aimed at the Tourist Market. Project Status Project Status Testimonial "As usual Carl was [...]

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