Project Description


Marelex Elextrical


Brad gave me the very loose brief of: Clean, modern, high tech, striking, simple.

Project Status

Project Status 90%


“Carl was a pleasure to work with. His professionalism and willingness to drive the progress while I was busy servicing my own customers was greatly appreciated. He produced excellent concepts which were exactly along the lines of what I’d envisaged. He thoroughly researched my products and services and then produced a responsive website including the new brand as well as much of the copy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”
Brad Harrang, Marelex Electrical


I was contacted by Brad from Marelex Electrical through a referral to create a new corporate identity and then follow it through to all assets including a new website. Brad showed me his existing logo and gave me a loose brief with provisions such as; clean, modern, high tech, striking, simple.

I visited the Marelex Electrical premises and gained a feel for their production facility, reception and work process as well as the range of products and services they produce.

Of note during this tour was a component of their service called “Power Factor Correction”; a technology that enables substantial power bill savings for minimal up-front capital investment. Leveraging the semantics of these words I decided to focus on them as a starting point for the logo. After much research I gained an understanding of how PFC works and while doing so, I noticed that the equilibrium sine curve of this phenomena strongly resembled a “M”.

The logo then evolved into a icono-graphic representation of the Power Factor Correction equilibrium sine curve.

The colours were also important because the previous outdated brand used very cool purples and blues. So I decided to imbue the brand greater “strength” and dynamism using a complementary pallet of deep blue and bright orange. The anchor for this pallet came from the orange powder coat used by Marelex Electrical to finish their electrical units.