Commercial Printer Review

Print Rescue – Brunswick Heads

Circa 2004 when I used to live in gorgeous, untouched sleepy town of Brunswick Heads on the North Coast of New South Wales, I was walking home from from my cafe breakfast when out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a new shop in the process of being setup. To my astonishment when I suction cupped my face to the shop glass, I saw a commercial printing press and a man doing stuff to it. Huh! Brunswick Heads, Huh! little retail shop? Commercial Printer? It just didn’t seem logical.

Pretty sure I chatted with Paul on that occasion and he told me that he’d had enough of running multi-coloured presses in the city, so he and his wife Michelle opted enthusiastically for a fairly dramatic sea change.

I confess now as I finished my walk home that day, I remember thinking, “That guy’s crazy, where’s he going to get all his customers from?” since the little sleepy town only had a population of around 1500.

None the less I was delighted with the knowledge that there was now a fellow Printer in the community and though not much more of it.

As it turns out I was wrong and Paul and Michelle were very right indeed. Since then they have provided what is akin to an essential service not only to the folk of Bruns’, but also to pretty much every other town in the region and beyond. The name they chose for the business is a pearler too! “Print Rescue” and I can’t innumerate the number of times they’ve done just that for me and my customers.

As a graphic artist you need reliable and flexible suppliers and even though my studio is now a bit further away (in Lismore), Paul, Michelle and Mark have continued to supply top notch work quickly, consistently and with grace under pressure.

Big thanks to the Print Rescue Crew and where ever you are in Australia, don’t hesitate to use them. They’ve got their courier networks completely mastered too.

Tel: 02 6685 0477